PROsmart 125lp 12v Li-polymer Battery Pack

Product Features

  • Lighter and Longer life time battery
  • The best safe battery nowadays
  • Use up to 10 Hours
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Product Description

PROsmart 125lp 12v Li-polymer Battery Pack Fit for Metabo/ Milwaukee/Dewalt/Craftsman Heated Jacket

Try a lighter and Longer life time battery!
The best safe battery nowadays.
Use up to 10 Hours (depend on the model you use)

12v Li-Polymer Battery pack for Metabo/ Milwaukee/DeWalt heated jacket

Power: 12v 5000 mah (Provide Longer life and thinner than Milwaukee/DeWalt)
Connector: 5521 connector
Charger: 12.6v 1200 mah
Fit For: Metabo/Milwaukee/DeWalt /Craftsman Heated jacket or heated jacket with 12v input and 5521 connector
Battery Size: 4 inch * 3 inch *1 inch (More portable than Milwaukee/DeWalt)
Battery Weight: 0.7 Lb
A battery A charger